Day 15, Dubrovnik (continued)

On my last evening I went to check out a War Photo Gallery in Dubrovnik’s old town, quite a modern gallery with a lot of photography from Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine and Lebanon. Some of the images were quite horrific but others very touching – there was also a special area focussing on the aftermath of war and life getting back to normal which was nice.

I found these two photos particularly interesting so I took a snap of them when no-one was looking.

Help Bosnia Now

Welcome to Sarajevo

3 thoughts on “Day 15, Dubrovnik (continued)”

  1. Dear Mr. McCann

    I’m editor for social science in Slovenian educational publishing house (Rokus Klett). We are currently working on geograpy textbook for lower secondary school and we came across to your fabulous photography “Welcome to Sarajevo”. It’s so great and self explanatory that we would like to include it in the textbook (chapter: Southeast Europe, subchapter: ethnical tensions). I would really appreciate if we could use it, so I’m asking you for permission.

    All the best,

    Vasja Kožuh

    urednik / editor

    Založba Rokus Klett d.o.o. / Rokus Klett Publishing Ltd. / Stegne 9b / SI-1000 Ljubljana / Slovenia

    t.: +386 1 513 4663 / f.: +386 1 513 4699

  2. I was in Sarajevo as part of IFOR. We came in Dec 14th 1995 and stayed for a year. The city still haunts my memories in both wonderful and horrific ways. I’d love to get back there someday.

  3. Really cool photos. Im an undergraduate writing a report on US/EU non intervention in the conflict. Do you have any more photos?

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