Day 11, Budva

One of the unexpected highlights of the entire trip was on Day 11, an all-day boat cruise around the famous Bay of Kotor.

Myself, Michael, Ange and Cat positioned ourselves on the top deck of the boat before the Russians could put their towels down, but surprisingly although it was a fabulous day (probably the best of the trip) not many people wanted to be up there sunbathing. I was lashing suntan lotion onto my blue skin to make sure I wouldn’t be scraping it off the next day.

Herceg Novi from the boat  Herceg Novi from the boat

The first stop was the historic town of Herceg Novi, and we climbed to the top of yet another fort, as well as doing some shopping for the rest of the cruise. The fort is also a venue for concerts and music festivals, it was pretty cool.

Herceg Novi  Herceg Novi fortress  dsc01309.jpg

Back on the boat there was more sunbathing and then we stopped off for some swimming. Me and Mike had some vodka and red bull and a few others had a swimming race. I did a bit of swimming myself and was especially fond of the inflatable Tom & Jerry swimming aid that Cat had bought for a laugh, it was great. Salty water makes me gag though so I can never spend too long in the sea or I’ll risk drowning in my own vomit 🙂

Me, Tom and Jerry swimming Me, Tom, Jerry, Cat and Angela swimming

Back on the boat there was a Russian girl I had had my eye on all day – probably the prettiest thing I’ve seen on the entire trip. Just perfect perfect perfect. I got a photo of her purely by coincidence, when she happened to be posing in the background of a photo I took of Gavin.

Perfect Russian girl

I ended up talking about this girl almost constantly during the boat trip. This I guess gave my groupmates a taste of what I’m like normally in London 🙂

The girl was looking after a few kids but there was no way they were hers. And she was too old to be a sister so I think she must have been the nanny.

Our next stop was Kotor and two amazing churches built on islands right out of the sea (wait for the photos!).

Church on an island

I can’t remember exactly when it was during the day but the strangest thing happened. One of the girls on the trip, Catherine, is Aussie of Chinese descent, and everywhere we have went, through Serbia and Bosnia people have just STARED at her. This got even weirder in Montenegro. We were walking in a big group and this old man outside a shop saw Cat walk past – I was a little behind her – and he just walked up behind here, and stroked the back of her thigh!! It was so blatant we couldn’t believe it. We all told him to fuck off but he was totally unapologetic. I couldn’t believe he had done it so surrounded by people!

We ended up watching a fire dancing showing beside the castle, it was really cool. These guys had these huge metal contraptions, like puppets, which were in the shape of people, animals etc, and on wheels, and they lit them on fire and animated them. I got a nice video of this which I’ll post up.

Amazing fire show (video)

After dinner we popped into an Irish pub where I met the CUTEST barmaid of all time, she started chatting to me after I ordered my trademark tequila and coke. She was just adorable, very ditsy and silly and really funny, and a really hilarious way with words in her English. I convinced Cat to ask if we could get our picture taken with her 🙂

Cute Mareca

We also met an Irish couple, Paula and Brian, who were also in their honeymoon – one week in Budva and one in Dubrovnik. They were really cool. I wasn’t feeling too great so I went home with Cat and Ange after 1 drink but Ross and Michael stayed for roughly 12 pints of Guiness. Unbelievable – I’d burst if I drank half that much Guinness.

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