Day 10, Budva, Montenegro

We arrived in sunny Budva at lunchtime on Day 10; it’s a beautiful little place with about 20km of beaches and marinas. Little taxi boats get you from place to place and it’s just a short way from the World Heritage sites of Herceg Novi and the Bay of Kotor.

We went around the town during the day and stopped to do some sunbathing. This second week was the slightly more relaxing part of the holiday. The Montenegrin coast is full of Russians and it seems only the obnoxious ones come to Montenegro. By the end of the day I had been swimming in the sea for the first time since I was a kid (my group-mates must think I’m like a Martian as I tell them all the things I am doing for the first time on this first holiday).

I went for some kalamari at a great seafood restaurant by the beach, and had some bamboos (another shot for the gallery). It was a special night as it was Michael and Angela’s first month anniversary. Aw.

Michael and Angela

After dinner, the waiter came and brought us the most digustingly strong shots I have ever tasted – some kind of Montenegrin whisky. They were complementary and it seemed everyone got them after a meal there. God help anyone with a weak tolerance for alcohol, these things were horrific.

Budva was quite a buzzing little place actually, and the weather was lovely.

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